Thursday, March 10, 2011

reverse mission

i see God in the unexpected. He constantly surprises me. there are no off limits places in my life or this world that have been roped off to His Spirit using to speak. who are we that we think we can dismiss things from being used in a powerful way by the creator of the universe?  
“this reversal is the sign of God’s Spirit. the poor have a mission to the rich, the blacks have a mission to the whites, the handicapped have a mission to the normal,  the gay people have a mission to the straight, the dying have a mission to the living. Those who the world has made into victims, God has chose to be bearers of good news.” 
-Henri Nouwen
i have been part of a few conversations this week about this “reverse mission”. 
the first was with regard to christian/worship music. some were critical of the way that worship has become an “industry” and all together avoided it out of not knowing the heart behind it. however, if our hearts are in a mode of worship-the music shouldn’t matter. even if the lyrics are contrived to sell records, those whose focus is Christ won’t be faltered. what i’m saying is God is big enough to speak through music to a heart that desires to hear from Him regardless of the initial motive behind it. 
the second was concerning the present season of lent. some defended that the observation of lent isn’t found in the Bible and dismissed it as seemingly unimportant. true, the bible makes no mention of lent, but does that dismiss God from using this season of sacrifice and seeking Him? nope. preparing our hearts by means of prayer and fasting to celebrate the resurrection of Christ is a beautiful thing and I trust that God will use it in countless lives of those who chose to observe it.
the last was about my passion to do hair/be part of the beauty industry - an industry saturated in self centeredness and vanity. women (and men) spend absurd amounts of time and money on the way they look. many of them find their value in the way they look and if they have the trendiest haircut and designer jeans. i’m in the throws of it. i know that an individual's value lies in who Christ says they are, not their jeans or their a-line bob. but i’m still the one that sells highlights and a-line bobs. i spend between forty-five minuets and two hours with each person on my books. i have anywhere between forty-five minuets and two hours to listen to my client and speak truth about beauty and value to them. a salon - a seemingly unlikely place to encounter God, but i’ve seen it happen and i am honored that God would use the time and place to glorify Himself.
i have no control over those who exploit the christian music industry to sell records, or those who have made lent nothing more than a trendy thing to do within their christian circles, or the stylists who will manipulate the insecurities of their clients. what i do have control over, is surrendering my all to Jesus - that He has full control and authority to use me, my culture, my circumstance, my music taste, my hobbies, my friends to speak and glorify Himself.


  1. beautifully, beautifully written:) I especially liked the lent portion. I got into some conversations this last week regarding the topic of lent and it seems that so many people are concerned with what is regarded as religious practice/not theirs to deal with. I look at lent the same you do. merely an opportunity to surrender more, pray more and rely on my Creator more. thanks so much for this!

  2. i really like the portion about the christian music industry. i went to the worship forum at rockharbor last night and we actually talked about this. i agree that the lyrics and the music shouldn't matter as long as our hearts are in the right place. our leaders want the worship to be expectant, responsive, sacrificial, excellent, humble, and biblical. i believe that if we go into the worship with a prepared mind and a prepared heart, that is all that should matter. also dannah, i love the rest of this. thank you!

  3. awww, I love you and am so overjoyed that I was apart of all these conversations that you came across this week. Thank you for sharing your honest views and seeing God's truths in different situations that can easily be criticized. I like looking pretty, I like sacrificing for God and for others, and I like playing my music when I'm driving in the car. :) lol. okay, okay. Thank you & thank you for amazing cupcakes that I constantly continue to think about.

    But, as far as music goes, I think it is important to watch the words that you are singing along too. I think lyrics do matter. Words are powerful and I'm not about to sing God a word that I can't strive to live up to.


  4. sweet dannah, i just love your heart. i have a tendency to get hung up on the possible negatives of these things and, in doing this, totally become a part of the problem. you are a wonderful reminder and example that Christ is in all things and can be approached in all things, if we choose Him. thank you for that :)

  5. Right on. Loved it. Thanks for your frank and honest post...and the person you are behind the words.

  6. A couple things. One. Are you doing lent, and what are you giving up? I have never done it before but this year I am going to try something with my girlfriend. I have always been skeptical of lent, because I feel like people try to make it a new years resolution part 2. The thing is it depends where your heart is on the matter and the intention of it all. Second. I still need a haircut... :) lol. I really like this post though so thanky!

  7. Dannah!!! I am so blessed to have you in my life! I love what God is doing in your life. God is using you. I love that you see God can use you when you surrender. I am grateful I get to walk with you in life and see how God continues to use you. I know He has already used you in my life! Love you lots!

  8. word, dannah! so true. and I also wanted to say thanks for being so consistent with your blog posts. because of your faithfulness to this segment of circles, I am more able to walk alongside of you and pray for you specifically because I can see the growth through your words.

  9. Zing! This is awesome.

    We can't control others motives or even deduce them, but we can control our own. And in our honest pursuit of Christ and the life He's called us to, He will use us to influence others.