Tuesday, September 27, 2011


sunday, i sat among 20something strangers with a sense of anticipation that almost split me at the seams. i didn’t know if it was the rest of shea’s lavender americano, or the lingering endorphines from my morning run, or the fact i had just met a mentor of mine in an industry i’m loving more and more every day, maybe a spiked temp from the cold i’m fighting. i attributed it to a combination of the four. it wasn’t until a few days later i realized - circles changed my life. i don’t know if it was the structure of the program, or the people i met through it (slices and leaders), or the season of my life - probably all three. all i know is somewhere between my first blog post and our grilled cheese sandwich party i exchanged a selfish, fearful, broken, knower of Jesus for a less selfish, less broken, lover of Jesus. i think back to our first few meetings as i struggled to remember names, and pair the faces with the blogs and random life facts. it happened so fast and it was so subtle - all the sudden they weren’t names and faces. they were family. i carried their burdens and danced at their delight. i experienced such a wide range of emotions with this group, i should probably be admitted. when it came down to it we committed to press on, to love limitlessly, to be available, ultimately to point each other toward the face of Christ and spur one another on to be better lovers of Jesus. this experience taught me what it means to be a christian - love jesus, love others. 
i couldn’t be more exited for the journey you have ventured on. it is beautiful and painful and exhilarating and exhausting. you will laugh and yell and cry and laugh again. be open, be available, be honest, be real, be selfless. 
:), 1.0 

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  1. Ditto to your reminiscing. Also, I am not in that picture :(